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A Little History

Named after General William J. Worth, Fort Worth began as a single fort built on the edge of the West to protect the settlers. But, the West kept moving west.

So, the soldiers stationed at Fort Worth in Texas moved as the frontier moved leaving an abandoned fort. The people in the area took over the fort for businesses and homes.

Larger image 20KbSoon, Fort Worth became the first "civilized" stop on the long trail for cattle drivers. Texas entrepreneurs basically herded the longhorns that were plentiful in the South and drove them to markets in the North. The historic Stockyards became a place for cowboys to rest and relax after a long ride.

Known as Hell's Half Acre, there were saloons, hotels and other places to spend some time. Soon, the half-acre spread over two miles. Bawdy houses, opium dens and shootings characterized the time. According to one story, a prostitute was drugged, killed and nailed to an outhouse door.

Nowadays, Fort Worth has grown into a city. A city that respects the past, yet embraces the future.