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Mount Olivet Cemetery
Sylvania & 28th

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Larger image 29Kb      Mount Olivet Cemetery was founded in 1907. It was the first perpetual care cemetery in Fort Worth and remains the final resting place for many people. Mount Olivet blends the older section with the newer section seamlessly.

Larger image 32Kb      Driving in the entrance, an ornamental globe greets visitors. Navigating through the cemetery is simple. Painted on the curb surrounding each area is the name of the area.

     The oldest section is located towards the back. The markers become more ornate as you progress that way.

Larger image 19Kb      Mount Olivet contains 594 victims of the 1918 flu epidemic that struck Fort Worth. Larger image 27Kb

The thumbnails link to larger images of some of the markers in Mount Olivet.