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Scott Theater
3505 W. Lancaster

Statue outside the Scott Theater and Modern Art MuseumThe Scott Theater, located right next door to the Modern Art Museum, opened it's doors in 1965. In 1966, a man hanged himself in the area directly below the stage. The man was the lighting designer for the theater and had just been jilted by his lover.

Workers at the theater have felt cold spots in the area under the stage. Machinery, like power saws, has turned on by itself in the equipment room. Strange noises, thumps and footsteps have also been reported.

The area under the stage is a maze of hallways and rooms. The area would frequently flood during the Spring rains, sometimes as deep as two inches. When this would happen, the water would have to be pushed to the sump pump to drain the area.

A worker at the theater was alone in this area, trying to rid the halls of the flood. As he pushed the squeegee down the hall, he heard a loud BANG, as if someone slapped the door, when he went past. He flung open the door to catch someone playing a joke on him, but... no one was there. The water that flooded the hallway remained still, with no ripples or splashes to betray a human prankster.

After that, he decided to take a break and finish the job later.