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Oakwood Cemetery
701 Grand Ave.

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Larger image 21Kb      The 20 acres of land overlooking the Trinity River was donated to Fort Worth by John Peter Smith in 1879. Now, this cemetery looks across the Trinity at the city Fort Worth has become. Larger image 24Kb

     Many of the “residents” were the people who shaped the city. A fitting resting place for them; to forever see the progress and growth of Fort Worth.

Larger image 24Kb      Oakwood Cemetery boasts many impressive headstones and markers. One section, called “Soldier's Row,” is a strip of land dedicated to Confederate Veterans and their wives.

     An air of peace surrounds Oakwood Cemetery. Tall trees and rolling hills characterize the area. The silence in the cemetery is only broken by the occasional train in the distance.

Larger image 132Kb Larger image 132Kb

The thumbnails link to larger images of some of the markers in Oakwood Cemetery.