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Hauntings around Fort Worth
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Johnson's Creek, Arlington

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A young girl was supposedly killed here in the early 1900s. Her home can be seen at Six Flags Over Texas.

"Annie" still haunts the house and has been seen at the railroad tracks that are nearby.

River Legacy Park, Arlington

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If you sit on the bridge for the closed county road, you will see a fog come up from the Trinity River, and ghostly headlights will come at you as a long-ago collision replays itself.

The ghost of a hobo interrupts anyone in their cars after closing, especially if they are "parked", because he was killed by a male "parker" who was beating up his female companion.

"Hell's Gate" is a pair of old gateposts that lead to a tree where Union spies were hung during the Civil War. It is said that you can still hear their sobs and prayers in the area.

White Rock Lake, Dallas

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A young lady in a white dress can be seen hitchhiking near the lake. Whenever she is picked up, she will give directions to a house a little ways down the road. When the person drops her off only a small puddle of water remains.


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